Let’s talk about sexting

Here is a conundrum – it is legal for teenagers who are both 16 years old
to consent to sex. Indeed, they can do all manner of very rude things to
each other – and yet if they happen to film or photograph the proceedings –
or at a later date decide to send their partner a flirty naked selfie they are
now breaking the law and putting themselves and their partner at risk of

Ok, but what happens when young people share these images without
consent? Or use these images in an attempt to degrade and humiliate
their peers? What is the solution when a young person records a sexual
assault of another young person and rather than using the evidence to
help convict the perpetrator, they instead post it on Facebook or Youtube?

Pretending sexting isn’t happening or asking people to ‘just say no’ doesn’t help to change things. Here at Respect Yourself we’re always keen discuss issues that will help you make positive choices – to keep relationships safe and healthy.

Our youth council have been working really hard to plan a conference for schools and a campaign to explore the issue of sexting. If you’re in a Warwickshire secondary school look out for information. If you’re not, don’t worry we’ll share what we’ve learnt via this website!


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