Respect Yourself hits the press!

We were used as a good example in the national press this week! To see the full article in the Observer click here

“The Respect Yourself website is one of the more interesting attempts to demystify sex for young people, and dispenses chatty, informative and non-judgmental advice. Typical questions include: “I come too quickly; what do I do?”; and “I have a massive crush on my female music teacher and spend half the night masturbating. Please help as I want more time with my teacher and I need a lot more sleep” (the latter written by a 12-year-old girl).

Based on a “sex-positive” approach, which places the emphasis on embracing your sexuality while stressing the importance of safe sex and consent, Respect Yourself uses ideas from the Dutch model of how young people should be told about sex, which have helped lower the Netherlands’ national rate of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.”

Great to see we’re getting recognised!


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