That’s so gay ??

The last 15 years have seen some big changes to the laws on sexuality, from equal age of consent to same sex marriage. However great these improvements are it’s clear to see there’s more work needed.

Newsbeat asked YouGov to survey 3,000 18 to 29-year-olds about where they draw the line with offence when it comes to sexuality, race and sexism.

The survey showed that almost half of young people (49%) think the term “that’s gay” is acceptable to use. People sometimes say they didn’t mean to offend – ” your shoes are gay” is clearly nonsense goes the defence. However, equating gay with wrong or inferior has an impact – those exploring their sexuality feel less able to be open. It also affects anyone that may be seen as different whether that’s the ‘Tomboy’ or someone with a creative sense of fashion………….

The full Newsbeat article is here. It’s interesting to see the results around other words like Dyke and Lezza too. If ever there are any words you’re not sure about when talking about sex why not check out our sextionary. (We’re always up for hearing new words please let us know!)


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