where can I go if I want to request some leaflets/resources to put at our Customer Service Desk?

Sorry, We are not ignoring you….!

We have recently had a number of requests from professionals about leaflets and enquiries for resources and contact details through the question pages of the website…. unfortunately, as this is a confidential service designed for young people to ask the questions they have on their minds without fear of being judged –  we do not collect any data through this means…

As a result we are often unable to answer these requests as we have no way of knowing who has submitted these request or have means to record contact details…

So we apologise if anyone feels like we are ignoring you…

As professionals we have a separate site – just for you. Here you can find help and support  – you can even follow our blog to stay up to date with the latest campaigns, training dates and developments in Relationship and sex education…

you can find the site here….





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