Why don’t we have an LGBT button on the site?

We got a question from someone who pointed out that there’s not a lot of specific stuff for LGBT folk on our site. It’s an issue that gets raised from time to time and it’s one that we’ve given quite some thought to.

The reason you probably haven’t noticed may specific questions or pages specifically about gay relationships is that we work very hard to try and be as inclusive as possible when answering questions or putting together text for the website – you may notice we often use the word ‘partner’instead of ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ as we never like to assume that the default position of any of our reads is heterosexual – to be honest a relationships is a relationship regardless of what parts you have in your knickers… obviously there are sometimes additional complications that are specific to a gay relationship – but we all feel confused, unsure, and insecure from time to time.

It was a very conscious effort not to have a specific LGBTQ tab like most websites – instead we tried to cover everything together – that goes for the notion of sex too – we don’t subscribe to the belief that gay men have sex in one particular way; lesbian sex ‘like that’ and straight people do the ‘normal stuff’… regardless of who you are in bed with people can all do the same things to each other… just because you happen to fancy a particular gender of person doesn’t dictate what type of sex you may have…

I hope that explains our reasoning and helps people to feel that we’re here to talk to all.

No matter who you are who you fancy or how much you know...


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