Young people in Warwickshire become ‘sexperts’

Teenagers from schools across Warwickshire gathered during August for a residential to develop educational sexual health and relationship resources for other young people.

Over two days, 24 young people from Avon Valley School, George Eliot School, Kenilworth School and Sixth Form, and King Edward VI College joined together to share what they had learned during dedicated relationship and sex education sessions throughout the school year.

Tackling subjects such as sex and the law, abusive teenage relationships, child sexual exploitation, and online safety, the youngsters focused on how online games, quizzes, and teaching materials can help protect others. One student commented “It’s nice to know that the work we’re doing now could help other people.”

With the support and guidance of professionals from Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire Council, and charities across the region, the teenagers designed a relationship health checker and gave their opinions on ways to help young people recognise signs of sexual exploitation. 

Etty Martin, Sexual Health Commissioner at Warwickshire County Council, enthused: “Getting the opinions and thoughts of young people is essential to the work we do. They’re in the best place to know what could help people in similar situations to them.

“I’m pleased to see that they’re passionate about helping other people in vulnerable positions, helping them stand up for themselves, and helping them learn that respecting yourself in relationships is about expecting other people to respect you.”

The feedback and ideas that came out of the residential will now be developed into resources that will be available to young people in Warwickshire via the Respect Yourself website (

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