When a guy gets turned on, he gets an erection. The thinking behind this is very simple – it makes it much easier to be able to get the penis inside a woman’s body. Think about it – if you went home and got your front door key out and it was made of jelly, and was all floppy – you would never be able to put it in the key hole!

Erections are commonly known as ‘boners’ or ‘bone-ons’, this is a bit misleading as we don’t actually have a bone in our penis’. Instead our penis grows and gets hard due to an increase of blood flow.

Along the shaft of the penis, there are three tubes of spongy tissue which run its length. When we get turned on – blood from our bodies flows into these sponges, making them swell, turning a floppy penis, in to one ready for action. There’s a little valve at the base of the shaft which traps the blood inside keeping you hard.

© Going off the Rails 2012. Adapted from ‘Playing Downstairs’ by Jonny Hunt

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