Willy Worries

Does Size Matter?

A lot of young men worry about the size of their penis – is theirs too small or does theirs bend slightly to one side? The truth is size, really isn’t important. Just like any other part of the human body, they all come in different shapes and sizes and there is nothing to worry about. The size of your penis has no correlation to the rest of your body either – no matter what you may have heard about hands, feet, fingers or noses.

A lot of guys catch a glimpse of other men’s penises in the showers after sport, or standing at the urinals or even from watching well hung guys in porn films, and worry that theirs doesn’t quite measure up. The fact is perspective is important. Fact: a penis will look bigger when viewed from the side, rather than from above. So, how your penis looks when peering down in the shower, compared to how it looks when viewed sideways by someone else will be different. Anyway, no matter how it looks when it’s floppy, once a guy’s penis becomes erect they all tend to end up around about the same sort of size as some grow much more than others.

Anyway, worrying isn’t going to change anything. And it certainly won’t make it grow any bigger. You are only given one body – enjoy it and be proud of it – just make sure you keep looking after it – it is the greatest gift you will ever own.

One more fact whilst we are on the subject. The size of your penis has no correlation with how good a lover you are in bed. A big willy doesn’t equal being great in bed.

As you will see if you check out the section of female anatomy, the size of a penis makes very little difference to a woman’s pleasure. So stop worrying and enjoy what you’ve got!

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