What happens when a girl gets turned on?

Despite how things look, both girls and boys genitals work in very similar ways. Just like with boys, when a girl gets turned on,

  • Blood flow is increased around the genitals, causing the inner and outer lips to swell and open slightly.
  • The clitoral hood at the top of the lips pulls back, as the clitoris grows engorged with blood.
  • As with the head of a boy’s penis the clitoris is full of nerve endings and can feel really good to touch. In fact the clitoris is even more sensitive, and should be handled with care. Its sole purpose is to give sexual pleasure.
  • The muscles of the vagina begin to relax. The whole length of the tunnel is constructed of circular muscles which are usually closed up – just like the ones in your bum, which stop you from pooing yourself. The more turned on a girl is the more relaxed those muscles become, theoretically making it easier to allow a boy’s penis to fit inside.

If we part the vaginal lips, hidden underneath is the vaginal opening. Just above the vaginal opening is another very tiny hole which is the urethra, which is the tube which leads to the bladder. This is the opening from which a girl will urinate from.

Inside the vagina are the bartholin glands which produce vaginal fluid making the inside extra wet – they produce more fluid as a girl gets more turned on. It then acts as a lubricant which makes everything slip and slide in and out of the vagina more easily.

© Going off the Rails 2012. Adapted from ‘Playing Downstairs’ by Jonny Hunt

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