Most people have an idea of some of the changes that occur during puberty. Most people have had that lesson at school, or been shown books or leaflets about it – and let’s be frank you’ve probably noticed some of these weird and wonderful changes happening to you too. However, some of the most important things are often left out.

Fact: Puberty is all about getting your body ready for sex and making babies

However, it doesn’t mean that the second you notice a couple of pubes in your pants you should all rush out and have sex. Puberty takes place over years and years and most people don’t finish changing until they’re in their early twenties.

School lessons usually cover the physical changes:

  • spots
  • personal hygiene
  • BO
  • greasy hair
  • hairy armpits
  • voices breaking
  • hips widening
  • breasts emerging
  • muscles developing
  • Adam’s apples
  • periods
  • even wet dreams!

However, quite often the emotional side is left out.

Puberty can be a time of conflict. You may feel out of sorts; like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. Up one minute and down the next. A bit clumsy and awkward as you get used to your new body which is constantly changing and your emerging sexuality. It can all be a bit confusing – so if you feel a bit out of your depth, don’t worry you’re not the only one. Try to make sure that you have someone you can talk things through with and you can factor in some down time to give you chance to de-stress.

As all this is going on we suddenly become very self-conscious, and start to care more about what people think and how we are seen by others. Puberty is scary and we are all insecure and desperate to fit in and be normal. And yet we can feel anything but normal – we become scared to show who we really are and how we feel. It is safer to just go along with the crowd and pretend like everyone else.

One of the main reasons is that during puberty we start to fancy people. We begin to get turned on, get horny and become all too aware of what is going on in our pants. We feel horny and quite often masturbation will be added to our list of hobbies. Isn’t it ironic that as we first start thinking about getting off with someone our body responds by getting all sweaty, smelly greasy and gross!

Getting Ready for Babies

Our bodies start to take shape – getting ready for making babies. Girls start to produce eggs and develop wider hips to help them carry a pregnancy in the future. They develop breasts to enable them to feed the child (yes, breasts were originally designed for food – not for oogling).

Meanwhile, a guy’s balls drop and they start to produce sperm. They develop strong muscles to help them to hunt and provide their families with food and protection. Admittedly, times have changed a little but biologically speaking that was the traditional role of the male – however, there is not so much call for being well built when you hunt for your food at the local supermarket rather than in the wilderness!

Anyway, many of the most important changes take place ‘downstairs’, in our pants. These are the ones that generally we have a lot of questions about but are sometimes too embarrassed to admit to or ask. The fact is the more we know about how our bodies work and what we feel, the better placed we are for taking control of our relationship and our lives for ourselves. So I suggest you check out the Girls’ Bits and Boys’ Bits pages and the Pleasurezone bodies – go on have a good poke around!

If you do have any questions, check out the Your Questions section and if you can’t find what you are looking for there, send us a questions and we will do our best to answer it.

© Going off the Rails 2012. Adapted from ‘Playing Downstairs’ by Jonny Hunt

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