Condoms are made of very thin rubber or polyurethane, condoms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. A condom is rolled down over the erect penis and stops sperm having contact with a partner’s body.

Condoms and femidoms are the only methods of contraception that provide effective protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. There is no minimum age for buying condoms.

More young people are beginning to go Double Dutch. This is where condoms are used with another form of contraception for extra protection against infections and pregnancy.

When buying a condom, check the expiry date and for a kitemark.

Oil based products weaken condoms eg vaseline, baby oil, lipstick. However, water-based lubricants such as KY Jelly and Senselle can be used.

If a condom breaks or you have unprotected sex, remember Emergency Contraception.


  • Protects against STIs.
  • Free from family planning clinics and also sold widely.


  • Putting it on can interrupt sex.
  • May slip off or split.
  • Expensive to buy.

Using a condom

Condom demo

– Put condom on erect penis before it goes anywhere near your partner.

– When you open the packet, be careful of rings and fingernails.

– Squeeze air out of the teat of the condom and unroll on to penis.

– After ejaculation (cumming), hold the base of the condom and pull out penis before it goes limp.

– Take the condom off well away from partner, wrap it in a tissue and throw in the bin.

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