Sexting: Coercion and exploitation:

Whilst sexting can be flirty and fun – it can also be used as a way to harass, coerce and exploit people.

There have been a number of incidents where by young people have been coerced into sharing images online only to be blackmailed – being told that their pictures will be sent to their family members or posted online if they won’t share more.

Equally some young people have engaged in performing on webcams – not realising they are being filmed. This is a form of online Child Exploitation. To find out more about CSE click here.

It would be easy to think that young people are always the victims of older and more worldly wise people – but sometimes they are also the perpetrators too…

Some young people get harassed by partners, or peers in to sharing images of themselves which they are not comfortable with. They are bullied and blackmailed with promises of being liked, popular or a relationship until they share. For some young people there is an expectation that sexting is something that you should do or are entitled to. This is certainly not the case. Not everyone is sexting and it certainly shouldn’t be something you have to do to fit in or be cool.

Whilst most parent’s concerns around sexting tend to be around their child being caught out by sharing images… what if it was your child that was harassing other for pictures…?

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