You’ve invested time, energy and emotion in that relationship – you’ve shared experiences and grown together. It is natural to feel some sense of loss and to feel hurt and upset by the fact that it is over – even if moving on is a positive thing.

In an ideal world when a relationship changed or came to an end we would sit down over a drink and explain how we feel calmly. We would laugh, cry and smile as we think about the things we have learnt and thank each other for all we had done for each other. With one final kiss and hug we would say our goodbyes and promise to remain friends before moving on and continuing with our lives.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work out that way. When emotions are involved it is very hard to remain calm and behave rationally. The fact is when things end, they tend to end on a negative note. Even when you do split up where both parties agree, it can still be hard to remain friends and watch as each other move on.

Love can be the greatest feeling in the world and breaking up can be the worst. Feelings can include:

  • Feeling sick in the pit of your stomach.
  • Like you’ll never get out of bed again.
  • Not knowing what’s going to happen next.
  • Will you ever be happy again?
  • Relief as it wasn’t a great relationship.

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