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  • Don’t blame yourself
    Sometimes it’s easy to blame yourself at the end of a relationship and think ‘Things may have been different if I….’ or ‘Maybe I could have been more…’. Sometimes people break up because their wants and needs change or maybe because they were not right for each other. It may be difficult but try to learn from the experience and move on.
  • Accept the situation
    When we get dumped it can be a shock and very upsetting. If someone has told you they no longer want to see you, try not to hang on for another chance or think that it is your fault. Sometimes relationships just don’t work out the way we had hoped. Sometimes it’s best to accept the situation and move on.
  • Express your feelings
    The end of a relationship can be a very upsetting, stressful and unsettling time. Talk to your friends about how you are feeling, be kind to yourself and think of things to do that will cheer you up. It’s OK to cry or even feel angry. It is always better to express your feelings than to keep them bottled up.
  • Move on
    It may not feel like it now but there will be a time when you feel ready to move on. Only you will know when this feels right. In the meantime surround yourself with your family and friends, try new things or things that you are familiar with that you enjoy. Embrace being single and enjoy all the things you were unable to do when you were part of a couple. You will start to feel better soon.

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