But they love me

When you love someone you will often do anything for them – even things you might feel uncomfortable or unhappy to do normally.

It is amazing what we will do to make our partner happy or in the name of love.

Sexual Exploitation is:

Where someone takes advantage of you sexually by giving the illusion of love and care, or by giving you gifts, food or accommodation.

 They may have power over you and use threats or violence, so they can get you to perform sexual acts for them or for others.

It is very easy to get caught up in the romance of it all and not see that actually the person who is supposed to care for us is really only using us.

The biggest problem with spotting sexual exploitation is often the abusers pretend to be people

who love and care for us – we call this grooming…

Grooming is:

When someone who wants to use and sexually exploit you, is nice to you and makes you think they are a safe person to be around.

They can do this by pretending to be your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or act like a Mum, Dad, Uncle, Auntie, Brother, Sister or other family member.

Sexual exploitation can take many forms. Often it follows the ‘partner‘ model, where someone pretends to be your boyfriend or girlfriend – treating you nicely, buying you gifts only to then use you for sex. This can go as far as them pressuring you to have sex with their ‘friends’ too.

Exploiters are very clever, they use your weakness to manipulate you – distancing you from your family or giving you things that you might need. They are very good and finding people who are vulnerable for whatever reason and filling that void.

Despite how the media often portrays sexual exploitation, it can happen to anyone no matter what sort of family you come from. It can and does happen to boys too.

Often young people can be exploited using web cams or by making sexy films. They think they are performing only for their partner, where as they are actually being recorded and the footage is sold on or distributed.

Check out our film on our sister site Urdecision that was made with the help of young people and help Katie and Maddie decide what to do….

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