How to ask someone out

One of the most frequently asked questions in all problem pages … some people say “be direct and just ask”, others rely on chat up lines and flirting.  The most effective way is to get to know each other first.

So … how do you win them over and hope that they will go out with you?

  1. Ask them questions – be interested in what they have to say
  2. Listen to them – think ahead about the conversation so that you avoid uncomfortable silences
  3. Use humour – but don’t laugh at them.  Stay safe and laugh at yourself, it shows that you are fun and recognise that you’re not perfect but you know who you are
  4. Think about your body language and theirs – if they’re backing away and have their arms crossed things aren’t looking too hopeful!
  5. Think friendship first, you never know this could then develop further or you may just have made a new friend

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