Sex is like Dinner…?!

Yes, sex can be a loving and intimate thing. Sex can be very special and mean the world to us. However, equally sex can just be an itch you scratch, a release and mean very little.

Let me put it another way – sometimes we eat because we are hungry and sometimes we eat for the sake of it. Sometime we have posh dinners that we share with the people we love for a special occasion with lots of fancy food. But every now and again, a greasy dirty burger is what you need to really hit the spot. Some people eat for comfort when they are feeling down – other people like to cook to show how much they care for someone. Sex is kind of the same.

Sex can be special but it isn’t always and doesn’t always have to be a big deal. That is up to you.

Sex & Risk…

Regardless of whether you choose only to have sex as part of a committed relationship or if you decide to have a number of one night stands or casual partners there are always risks involved. One is not better or safer than the other.  Condoms are fabulous things and will stop you catching an STI or from getting pregnant when you don’t want to – however, if you are investing emotional interest in someone – then condoms do very little to protect your emotional health – you have to do that bit for yourself…

Remember, having sex with someone doesn’t mean that they will love you or treat you well.

© Going off the Rails 2014. Adapted from ‘Playing Downstairs’ by Jonny Hunt


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