Real underage sex case study

Even though the age of consent law is in place to prevent adult sexual predators from preying on children, it also has huge consequences for young people. There have been a number of cases where young people have been prosecuted for having sex when their partner (or both they and their partner) are under 16.

Below is a true case…

An 18 year old lad, was at a house party when a attractive girl came up to him and started chatting to him. Over the next few days they began flirting over Facebook, sending each other messages and checking out each others pages. Her profile said she was studying for her A-levels at a college the next town over.

After a couple of weeks they agreed to meet up. She came to visit him and they went to the cinema and grabbed something to eat. As he walked her back to the train station through the park, they decided to have sex in the bushes. Very romantic…

He put her on the train and went home feeling pretty pleased with himself.

On the train home however, she became upset. She started to worry that her mum would take one look at her and realise she had lost her virginity. By the time she got to her stop she was inconsolable and her mother wanted to know why.

The reason she was upset was she was only 12 years old. She had decided she wanted to lose her virginity and had picked the lad for this very reason. She had lied and set up her fake facebook page claiming to be 17.

Her mother made a complaint to the police and the lad was arrested. He was charged with statutory rape and was made to sign the sex offenders register for 7 years.

The judge admitted that he had been misled by the girl’s lies, however this did not excuse him from responsibility and he should of made more enquiries.

The lad had been preparing to study law at university. However, he now has a criminal record that reads he has committed sexual offences against a child. Regardless of whether or not he was misled, if you are having sex with someone you have a responsibility to know their age, regardless of their or your gender.


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