What is it?

“Sexting” is a term commonly used to describe the use of technology to share personal sexual content.

This can be anything from naughty texts, pictures involving partial nudity right up to full sexual images or video. Usually it’s done as a method of flirting between partners (or potential partners), but can also be between groups and can use a whole range of devices, technologies and online spaces. However, the most common ones are mobile phone MMS, Skype and social network sites where images can be posted and shared (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube etc)

 “Teen sexting is a very rational act with very irrational consequences.” danah boyd

Usually sexting is something that people do deliberately; the person sending the content means it to happen. They will pose or act in a sexual way and will make a direct effort to send it to the person they want to see it.

However, we have all mistakenly sent a message meant for someone else to the wrong person –  and it is certainly not the kind of message you want to accidentally send to your folks!

txt mistake 2

Plus, if you have personal pictures of yourself on your phone it might be possible to accidentally “share” it via email, MMS or Bluetooth with the wrong person.

Indeed, there have been plenty of cases where pictures have been spread after mobile phones have been stolen! Accidental sexting is more likely to happen if your judgement is clouded e.g. if you have had alcohol or taken drugs or are under pressure from those around you.

To find out more there is a great resource called ‘So you got naked online’ produced by the South West Grid for Learning, So you got naked on line

You might want to look at Send This Instead, an app that has some quite funny images to send instead…….

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