Words can never hurt you…?

The words we use to talk about sex are important. Regardless of the fact that however you look at it, sex will always involve playing with your rude bits no matter what you happen to call them. Some would argue that a penis is still a penis no matter whether you happen to call it a willy, nob, cock or purple headed dragon! However, when it comes to sexual acts there seems to be a world full of difference – for example there seems to be a gulf between making love and screwing.

The fact is sex can mean different things to different people. Sex can be romantic, loving, passionate and equal or it can be dark, dirty and dangerous. It can be about sharing or it can be about control. When it comes to sex the words we use are important, as they can change the intimacy of what that act represents.

One of the major issues of how we talk about sex is that we still seem to have the idea that sex is something that men do to women. This is a very backward and outdated notion of sex – not only that it excludes all of those people who happen to be same sex couples doing it (what’s more -even here we have the ridiculous belief that one partner must be butch and be the man in the relationship).

Unfortunately, many people are oblivious to the connotations of what they are actually saying. Lads especially laugh and joke unaware that many of the punch-lines to their anecdotes are either designed to reinforce this negative gender stereotype or even worse are abusive in their nature. Girls are no often no better either slut shaming and putting each other down.

A few examples…


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