A few examples

When a guy says: ‘I bent her over and gave her a good seeing too

What he means to tell his mates is that he is a sex god! He is so good that she lost all control and could do nothing but lose herself in the throes of orgasmic pleasure… However, what he is actual implying is that sex is something that girls should literally bend over and take as a passive partner – it suggest that he took what he felt like and he is removing all suggestion that she had any part in the decision making leaving her as little more than a sex toy for his own amusement…

When he says: ‘apparently she puts it about a bit – bet she has a real bucket fanny’

There is this complete fallacy that a girl should feel tight – in actual fact this is more likely a sign she is not turned on, relaxed or enjoying herself, but hey? The idea is that if a girl sleeps around her vaginal muscles will become stretched and loose, developing what is known as a ‘bucket fanny’ – this is nonsense. A lad’s penis doesn’t grow bigger every-time he gets an erection – so why should it affect a girl? Again this is another comment which reinforces the notion that girls shouldn’t like or enjoy sex and if they do they are slags and slapper. This is ridiculous. It is the age old idea that only bad girls like sex and good girls shouldn’t.

And it is not only guys who talk about girls in this way. Yes the ladies are happy to call each other slags and slappers in an attempt to put each other down. Often girls that get a reputation for being slags rarely have any more sexual partners than anyone else it is just a label they are given as they happen to get on better with guys or because their peers are jealous.

And whilst we are on the subject of slags and slapper – why is it that girls are often labelled as slags, slappers and skets whereas lads boast and exaggerate their sexual encounters to try to impress their mates? Again it goes back to this idea that sex is for guys to enjoy and girls to feel guilty about – which is nonsense.

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