Who’s laughing at the Angry Pirate?

Finally there are many sexual acts that we all laugh about or try to freak out and impress our mates with – but in practice they would not only be degrading but often violent, abusive or even class as sexual assaults or rape – not so funny now?

Think about it – you actually do a ‘Houdini’ – this involves having sex with a girl in front of a window doggie style from behind. You pull out and go back in a few times and then pull out but this time your mate who is naked, hard and hiding slips in in your place – meanwhile you sneak outside (whilst your mate continues to have sex with the girl) and stand in front of the window and start waving… very funny…ha! Ha!…

But not only is this highly unlikely to actually work – and horribly degrading a practical joke to play on someone you are having sex with but you are now an accessory to your mate raping the girl. She has never consented to having sex with your mate, plus how do you think a person would feel if this actually happened to them?

Obviously many of these acts are merely jokes and never meant to be something you actually do…  But why are we even joking about sharing a girl with our mates without their consent?! Is it actually funny? How would someone really react if you came on their face then threw your previously trimmed pubes at them (monkey face)?! Or came in their eye and kicked them in the shin? (angry pirate) How would they feel?

We get asked by many young people what these sexual acts mean and have many sent in to our Sextionary – however the reason we put these in is NOT because we condone them or think they are funny – we put them in to give you a safe place to ask and talk about these things. We are a sex positive website for young people and are always happy to talk about any of the things that are on your mind or that you and your friends talk and think about. We will always be as non-judgemental and open minded as possible – however we will also challenge things that are down-right wrong and need to change.  Attitudes that think talking about sex, women and abuse as funny is not ok.

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