Her Genitals

A lot of people get confused when it comes to girl’s bits – they think that it’s all about sticking things in the vagina that counts – no. The best bits are all on the outside, ie. the vulva. The vaginal lips (labia) feel great to touch and lead up to the clitoris – a very sensitive little pea sized bit of tissue all tucked away that contains around a whopping 8000 nerve endings!

Most women get more pleasure from being stimulated manually with hands or orally by kissing and licking around the vulva, as the majority of women find it hard to orgasm (to cum) through penetration alone.

Now, contrary to what you hear in porn, a vagina shouldn’t feel tight – as a girl gets turned on her internal muscles relax (and she will get nice and wet), if her muscles are tight, its a sign she’s not quite relaxed or comfortable and not properly turned on.

Vulvas come in all shapes and sizes, and are naturally hairy (deal with it!). Some have big fleshy flaps, others have tiny inner lips with puffy outer lips – they are all different and all pretty amazing!


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