His Bum

Bums can be a bit of a sore issue for some guys (pardon the pun!) as for some ridiculous reason some people believe that only gay men like having their bums played with. This is nonsense! Your sexuality is about who you fancy not what you like.

Bums can be playfully squeezed or patted affectionately in a flirty kind of way. Sometimes it is nice to gently massage, kneed and even kiss his bum. Some people even like a good old spank!

If we delve deeper, the anus or bum-hole not only feels kind of naughty but is packed full of nerve endings. Now it may sound kind of disgusting but many people enjoy rimming (licking someone’s bum-hole), as long as they have good general hygiene and are STI free then there’s nothing to worry about – although dental dams are available if you haven’t both been tested yet and are worried about infections.

Some people like a well lubricated finger up the bum and some people like anal sex. This can be especially nice for guys as it is through the bum that you reach his G-spot, the prostate gland (about 6cms in on the top wall) Although, if you are planning on trying anal play – lube, lube and more LUBE!

Remember though, for some people, bums are strictly off limits so tread carefully. Not everyone likes to have their back door touched so please check before you venture that way to avoid giving any big surprises!


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