His Genitals

Obvious this is a guy’s main pleasure zones . If you gently pull back the foreskin (assuming he isn’t circumcised) and the head of the penis is the most sensitive area, as it is packed full of nerve endings that when stimulated will cause him to ejaculate and potentially orgasm. Underneath the penis is the frenulum, the little stringy tissue that is very sensitive, but be gentle, don’t tug too hard or it will go from wow to ow!

Remember there are equally pleasurable ways of stimulating his little friend that doesn’t involve full penetrative sex – stroking with your hands or Licking, kissing, and sucking can feel nice too. But be careful, he spits..!

And don’t forget his scrotum (balls)! These are also very sensitive and sometimesĀ it can feel nice to giveĀ them a gentle tug or have a bit of a fondle.

Penis Side Close Up

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