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OMG!! You will never believe what I saw last night…
17 March 2016
So you were out at a party, at youth club, at your mates house, in the park… whatever… You are …

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Taken from our sister site Watch the film, make a choice and see how things play out, rewind and try again – because life isn’t a rehearsal.


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Relationship Health Checker

The Relationship Health Checker is designed to get you thinking about your personal relationships and will try to point you …


What is it? “Sexting” is a term commonly used to describe the use of technology to share personal sexual content. …

Coming out to your family

Accepting that you are gay can be a very scary experience especially when you are a teenager.

Being in a relationship

Being in a relationship can be a really special feeling. At the beginning it is nice to know that someone …

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‘Blue waffles’

A slang term for nasty looking genitals infected with a host of different sexually transmitted infections.

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