CSE: Signs – things to look for:

Now here’s one of the toughest parts of dealing with CSE – knowing what to look for. The trouble is that many of the warning signs that your child may be dealing with more than the general ups and downs of adolescence are also perfectly natural types of behaviours for teens as they grow up. Things like staying out late, keeping secrets or changes in behaviour…. So, the list below needs to be treated with caution – the trick is to try and link all these little signs together.

  • absence from school
  • absence from home
  • staying out late
  • mixing with new friends
  • stopping hanging around with their usual circle of close friends
  • lying about where they are
  • being secretive over their phone
  • getting a new phone
  • unexplained gifts
  • seeming withdrawn
  • school work suffering

Like we said – many of these behaviours are also very normal for teenagers to display…

Keep good contact with your child’s teachers or youth leaders to see if they have noticed any changes too.

It often takes a number of people to help piece things together.

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